Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dining Room Wall "Art"

From the first time we walked into the house that is soon to be ours, I've been planning out what will need to be changed before we move in, where all of our furniture will be going and how I'm going to decorate.

For whatever reason, I became obsessed with the dining room. Perhaps firstly because we have such a huge dining table, that I wondered whether it would fit in there, but then because it is such a thoroughfare. With two bedroom's, the laundry/bath/toilet, kitchen, backyard, and the lounge room all having doorways that lead into it I wondered how I was going to decorate this area without cluttering it.

Obsessed with bright colours, I first started out on Ebay, looking for a bright Indigenous Australian artwork to hand on the back wall above the sideboard. Though I found many pieces like this one below  that I loved, I just couldn't justify the price.

Aboriginal Style by Jeanny N. Yarn

So, I had to think outside the square, and decided to try my hand at making something bright by myself.

A self proclaimed pinterest addict, I'd collected a number of ideas that I hoped would work well together to create a unique and interesting piece for my dining room wall.

I started out with these mixed second hand frames that I bought from thrift stores for between 50c - $3 each. I then sanded them back and spray painted them grey.

The sanded back wooden frames

After a couple of coats of grey spray paint

I then collected a selection of mis-matched knives, forks and spoons with interesting handles, from thrift shops to paint and put in the biggest of my grey frames.

The hardest part was settling on the colours for my cutlery.

Before I could brighten up my cutlery, I roughened them up a bit with some fine sand paper and water until they lost their shine.

Next, I gave them a few coats of primer before I spray painted them the colours of my choice

Waiting for the primer to dry so I could get started on making them pretty!

Painted up and drying, before I put them in their new frames

I backed my frames with grey chevron paper that I spray adhesived to mdf. Once the adhesive had dried, I put the backs into the frames and used a hot glue gun to secure the cutlery to the backs.

Now all I have left to do is print out the photos I've selected (here they are just printed on plain paper from my home printer), put them in the frames, and then when we're in the new house, hang them on the wall.

I can't wait to see what it looks like on my Dining Room wall!

I'll be sure to share a photo of it when it's up :)

Abby xx

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