Thursday, 26 July 2012

Two weeks to go

After years of work, play and travel, we've bitten the bullet and bought our first house. A little earlier than we planned to, causing a bit of a mad scramble for cash, but we're so certain that we've found the perfect house for us, that we're sure it will be worth it.

With settlement only two weeks away, the drama of getting our finances sorted is behind us, and now the panic of packing up the old house, renovating the new house, and moving houses all whilst still trying to work four days a week, is beginning to set in. This week the removalist dropped off some boxes so we can get started packing, and today they will be coming to work out how many trucks they'll need to move all of our stuff (and there's a lot of stuff!).

Matt's away with work up until 5 days before settlement, so I'm slogging it out on my own to get a lot of stuff sorted, but as he's usually away six months of the year this is something that I'm fairly used to.

So, a little about the house:

Three bedrooms
All with very dirty, ugly, smelly, perhaps original carpet in desperate need of being ripped out.
With ugly old built in robes that we'll be ripping out (even in the main bedroom where there is a walk in robe that someones converted to a mini office. Strange)
And all in desperate need of a good clean and coat of paint.

One two-way bathroom
Blue, blue, blue.
Will be ripping it out and putting in a new one as soon as we can afford it.

Updated two years ago.
Not to my taste, but serviceable.

Two living areas
Both reasonable size.
In need of a coat of paint, new curtains and new floors (Lounge floor is lino that looks like wood. Ick)

The major drawcard for us buying this property.
Huge (half an acre).
Creek running through the property.
Needs new fences to keep the dog in.
As with the rest of the house - needs a bit of work.

Armed with my folder of ideas that I've been collecting over the last two years, I can't wait to get in and start getting my hands dirty!

I'll keep you updated as we go :)

Abby xx